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Find your Inner Dragon

Our Coaches

It takes a certain type of person to coach any group of individuals. Our club members include people of all types, yet our coach brings us together to work as one. Through instruction, coaching, patience, and compassion, each season we come together and learn to work as a team.

We welcome back Terry Li. Terry has recently returned from covering a teaching position at St Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We are happy he has returned to be the Coach of the Kingston Dragon Boat Club this season. Terry will also be our Team Captain for the Festival races we are entering in Brighton, Trenton and Wellington this summer.

We also welcome Carolina Hanley, who will be working with us as a Carpentry & Boat Maintenance Technician and a Coach in Training, this summer. Carolina is an Architectural Studies student at Laurentian University, in Sudbury. She is home for the summer and we are happy to have her join our crew.

Terry Li

terry li 1

As a Ph.D. student at Queen’s University, Terry was an experienced multi-discipline paddler and Dragon Boat Canada certified coach.

Terry started dragon boating in high school and joined an elite university-level dragon boat team soon after beginning his study at the University of Toronto. In the years following, Terry became an instrumental member of the team and served as captain and assistant coach.

In 2009, Terry was selected as a member of the U23 Canadian National Team and competed at the 9th World Dragon Boat Racing Championship in the Czech Republic. terry li 2In 2010, Terry competed with the Alliance Toronto U23 team at the 7th World Club Crew Championship in Macau, China.

When he moved to Kingston in 2011 for a Master’s program in anatomy, Terry began coaching the Kingston Dragon Boat Club as well as the Queen’s Medicine Dragon Boat Team. He was keen on using his knowledge in anatomy to help athletes get the most out of dragon boating and achieve individual goals in well-being.