Fire Up Your Inner Dragon

& Win Your Membership!

As you know, dragons are magical creatures, and the dragon head on one of our boats has a mind of its own. She's taken herself on a tour of Kingston, to visit some sites, and has been spotted around the city. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but as we're getting ready to start the season, we need to find her and put her back on her boat.

Help us find our dragon head and you could win a FREE membership!

We will post the pictures that we have recieved and you can tell us where you think she is. We will post 2 pictures each week. The first one will be posted Sunday morning, but this is a tough picture to figure out where she is. If you get it right you will earn 2 tickets in the draw for a FREE membership. We will post another picture here on Thursday, that is easier to figure out, and if you guess the location right, you will get 1 ticket in the draw.

The contest closes May 13, 2018. We will draw 3 random ballots from all the correct entries and you will be notified by email/phone and winners names will be posted on the website.

Good luck and we're really happy you're able to help us out!

Contest Winners

Olivia Winder     Barb Tilander-Mack     Kristen MacDonald

Here's George when he captured our dragon head, after she escaped last year.