2021 Registration Discount

To help everyone get back on the water, registration has been reduced to just $30 and covers the balance of the 2021 Season. Use the couponPaddle2021 to get you on the water for both renewals and new registrations at a reduced rate. We are now back on the water! Member's just log into your account and you will be prompted to renew. New members Click Here ...


Wellington club logoThanks to everyone who registered and paddled on Saturday, August 11 in Wellington. The weather was hot, but we had good shade, in our picnic area. The water on the canal was crisp, calm, clear and so clean!  

There were 7 teams. We worked really hard and won 1st Place as Festival Champions! 

1st race: CoBells Cobourg/Belleville 01:18.0 vs KDBC 01:18.15
2nd race: KDBC 01:22.85 vs Toronto Dragons Abreast 01:22.98
3rd race: KDBC 01:14.04 vs Kingston Chestmates 01:23.70
A Finals: KDBC 01:15.22 vs CoBells Cobourg/Belleville 01:15.27
.......Did you notice us?.........hey what's that out on the water?..........Here There Be Dragons!... Congratulations Team! 

We hope you will join us in on Sunday, August 19 for a paddle from the Ivy League Marina to George's cottage on Huckleberry Island. This is a pot luck and fun on the water day. Please click on the Huckleberry Island button for further details.

Sunday, September 9 we will meet at the KDBC docks for a paddle to Kingston Mills Locks. This is a picnic team pot luck lunch day as well. All are welcome to attend.

Stay tuned! Paddles up!