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Find your Inner Dragon

Club Etequette

Safety first!

Members’ safety is always our #1 concern. Although dragon boating is a relatively risk-free activity, it is crucially important to be always mindful of not only your safety and the safety of others around you. When you are in the boat, make sure you are able to hear and follow the coach’s instructions at all time.


Respect yourself

In order to fully take advantage of the sport of dragon boating, you need to have an open mind and stay positive. Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Don’t be afraid of doing it wrong. Just remember everyone else is in the same boat (figuratively and literally). We are all here to learn and to support each other.

Respect each other

From the moment you join our club, you become a part of the dragon boat family. Why not introduce yourself and get to know others? Respect others’ time, be punctual. During a practice, show support to your fellow paddlers, motivate each other to get through the toughest workout. In or outside of the boat, this is a judgment-free gossip-free environment. If you have a legitimate issue with another member, come talk to the coach.

Respect the coach

Listening to the coach’s instructions is important for your safety and the smooth proceeding of a practice. Let the coach, coach. If you have anything to contribute, please signal or wait until the end of a practice. In case you have a disagreement with the coach, let him know directly or talk to one of the board members after a practice.

Respect the equipment

At the Kingston Dragon Boat Club, we take pride in our equipment, including the fleet of dragon boats, paddles, PFDs and the dock. We put great effort in maintaining this equipment and we hope you become a part of this effort. Pick up and put down paddles and PFDs gently. Avoid stepping into the boat with muddy shoes. Do not leave garbage in the boat or around the club. Put things back to where you found them. Members’ belongings will be locked up during practices, do not move things that do not belong to you.


Good communication is essential for the healthy operation of any organization. It is one of the best traits of a good dragon boater. It is impossible to move a boat of 20 without communication.

If you can't attend a practice, let us know. Practice plans are highly dependent on crew attendance. We need a crew to paddle the boat, so once you commit to a practice, show up.

If you have an injury or any medical conditions, make sure to communicate to the coach so the coach can modify your workout accordingly.